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MISTRAS supports clients across the world in a variety of critical industries to maximize the productivity and safety of their operations.

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We are relentlessly committed to ensuring the integrity of our clients’ assets, from full-scale refinery integrity program assessments down to individual scans of aerospace composites.

Industries Overview

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MISTRAS supports our clients with long-term support for major projects, including capital construction projects, refinery turnarounds, power plant outages, supply chain integration, and extended on-site asset protection.

Endeavors Overview

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Though the types of damages we face may differ across asset and industry, our process remains the same: utilize our industry-leading asset protection inspection, testingconsulting, maintenance, and monitoring solutions to identify and protect at-risk assets and components.

Applications Overview

MISTRAS seeks to maximize the uptime and safety of civilization’s most critical assets.

If that sounds expansive, that’s because the scope of our operations is too. We support clients from small to large, from manufacturer to operator, from America to Asia.

MISTRAS’ OneSource approach means that we offer unique, custom-tailored solutions for each customer’s individual asset protection need, executing our complementary specialties on an individual basis up through integrated, comprehensive asset protection partnerships.

As such, MISTRAS has the resources, capabilities, and asset protection expertise to support clients in the manufacturing industries who require individual components to be tested in our in-house labs, a bridge operator in need of long-term structural health monitoring (SHM), or those at process plants who require engineering design support for a newly-constructed plant and evergreen, on-site inspection & maintenance teams after it begins operations.

Our asset protection solutions help our clients detect, locate, mitigate, and prevent a wide range of issues that industrial companies routinely encounter: corrosion, cracking, leaking, fatigue, mechanical integrity concerns, and a wide range of other flaws.

As asset protection partners with our clients, your success is our success. No matter the type of problem or the scope of the initiative, MISTRAS is the asset protection partner you need to solve it.

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